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Remanufacture of Worn Shafts, Plates, Rotor Assemblies & Eccentrics
Get Renewed Service Life From Used Components for a Fraction
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Your GasFlo Advantage for Worn Components

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Flame Spray Process
In our flame spray metallizing process, a proprietary nickel/stainless steel composite, that is more resistant to abrasion and chemical attack than original uncoated OEM components, is applied to critical wear areas. Service life of sprayed components is often better than that of original components.


Rotors & Shafts
Areas worn by contact with shaft seals and plate bushings are ground, filled with thermal sprayed nickel/stainless steel composite and then ground to OEM dimensional and surface finish specifications.  Edges and vane slots are deburred and then the entire assembly is polished.  (See illustration below)

Piston Slides
Option #1: Worn piston slide bore IDs are enlarged and fitted with cast iron bushings, which are then bored to OEM dimensional specifications. 
Option #2: Piston slide bore ID is enlarged and the component is mated with an oversized eccentric. (See illustration below)

Cams & Eccentrics

Option #1: Areas worn by contact with piston slides are ground, filled thermal sprayed nickel/stainless steel composite and then ground to OEM dimensional and surface finish specifications.  Edges are deburred and then the entire assembly is polished. 
Option #2: Eccentric lands are oversized to meet clearance specifications with a mated oversized piston slide bore.
Stokes pump blocks are bored to standard or custom oversized dimensions. As part of the service, matching oversized hinge bars and a spacer (if required) are supplied.

Up to three options are available for reworking plates, depending upon the magnitude of wear (See illustration below):
Resurfacing Only:  Plate faces are micro-ground to remove galls and pits and provide a smooth, even finish. 
Rebushing Only: Existing bushings are replaced with new carbon, bronze, or cast iron bushings and then bored to exacting dimensions to provide proper shaft alignment.  Carbon bushings are used for certain pump models operating on corrosive applications
Resurfacing & Rebushing: All of the above procedures are performed for complete rework of the plate. 


Call 973-808-9115 for an RMA# to indicate on your shipping label.  Remove all items such as pins, keys and nozzles from plates, shafts and rotors.  Gasflo is not responsible for returning such items.  Parts must be cleaned, degreased, and tagged with a part number or description. Please indicate the type of chemicals that passed through the pump. Gasflo must be notified if incoming components were exposed to hazardous chemicals.  Contaminated components will be returned at customer’s expense. 

Please package components securely to prevent shipping damage.  DO NOT package components in Styrofoam “popcorn”.  Components will be inspected upon receipt to make sure they can be reworked to OEM specifications.  If there is any question, we will contact you.

Please use this shipping label format – be sure to indicate the RMA number on the label.

Ship to:
Gasflo Products Inc
159 Dwight
Fairfield, NJ  07004
RMA# ___________________


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